Happy New Year!

After having ended the year with cascading parties with overflowing liquors, some might still be in holiday mood. But for others, it would be another year of never-ending surprises, challenges and blessings!

Yes! Blessings that is!

If there's one thing we would like to be thankful for for 2008, it would be the opportunity/blessing of having shared with you our stories, insights and ideas of our new found endeavor.

And the primary reason why we have managed to maintain this blogsite is because of YOU who have shown interest in reading our blogs.

And though we have been absent for quite some time, the thought of resuming, improving and even sharing more worthy updates with you never stopped!

What is instore for 2009? A LOT!

Watch out for our new styles for handbags for this summer and most especially our MULTIPLY account which will be up very soon!

Watch out for more!


Friday, February 27, 2009


Finding the perfect opportunity in the most imperfect times would be overwhelmingly difficult.

And while the Chinese tagged 2009 as the “Year of the OX”, the finance luminaries have foreseen 2009 as the year of financial slump and crisis. Who do you think would remain optimistic despite a terribly dark-clouded year?

We are! And we know that we are not alone.

As we have planned and promised you during on our year-end blog, our MULTIPLY account is finally running! This is the first activity among the other projects lined-up for this year.

Just as we thought that the phrase, referring to the title that is, is mostly applicable in some biblical sermon and relatively in growing a family…literally, WE ARE!

Yes! We are now part of the rapidly growing on-line shopping business. Our contacts have been growing each day and we are modestly proud to say that our products do not go unnoticed!

For now, ours may not be the best on-line shopping site existing among the rest of the other on-line business, but you may have the front seat in knowing what’s new and hot and what’s in and out!

We are also proud to say that some of our customers have searched us on-line and were able to provide good feedback as well. Thanks for the encouraging words!

We guarantee free shipment charges on all items posted on-line. So all you have to do is read, choose, order and pay! Then you’ll have the items on your doorstep within 1 to 2 days only.

Please visit us at our site http://www.garbobagahe.multiply.com/

Feel free to inquire, comment, suggest and even post your blogs!

Have fun!

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